Where the HELL are you?

When it came down to trying to catch up on my knitting or writing about it, the knitting won out.

Knitting Progress

I know they’re only self-imposed deadlines, but I like to push myself to get as much knitting in as possible. I’ve been focusing a little more on my knitting this week than blogging. Now that I’ve made some good progress, the blog will hopefully be a little more regular.

Mini Chock-a-Block

I finally finished the front of the MCaB, and I’m still very pleased with how it’s coming out.

Mini Chock-a-Block 07-26-03

You’ll note I decided on the shallow v-neck. Next, I’ll bind the right shoulder seam, and knit the collar. Then I’ll bind the left shoulder seam. Finally, the sleeves and the side seams. Another two weeks if I stay on track.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I made a mistake in two of the blocks on the front of the sweater. It’s hard to see in the picture of the full front, but in the 7th row, second and third block from the right (the left side of the sweater), there are two blue blocks that are similar, but different colors of blue.

MCaB Mistake

If you look very carefully, you’ll see I reversed the two colors halfway through the row of blocks.

I know I need to fix the mistake.

I know how to fix the mistake.

I’m not looking forward to correcting this “knitting in dark rooms” mistake. Damn those hotel bedside lamps!

For those of you wondering, I will insert a needle in the first row of knitting where I reversed the colors, insert a needle in the bottom row of the two squares above the mistake, and unknit the two incorrect halves. The hardest part will be where I wrap the yarn between colors.

If I can, I’ll document the correction with pictures.

Zachary Blanket

I also picked up the pace on the baby blanket for Zachary.

Zachary Blanket 07-26-03

It’s looking very cool, although I bled on it a little bit yesterday. I cut myself while slicing beets for lunch, and the cut reopened when I was knitting. I’m pretty certain I can remove all trace of the blood, there wasn’t very much.

Reader Questions

Judy asks:

How many stitches did I cast on for the baby blanket.


With US3 needles and baby-weight yarn (Patons Baby Beehive), I cast on a total of 191 stitches. The pattern stitch calls for a multiple of 12 stitches, plus 1. I also had to include ten stitches for the border (five on each side).

Thanks everyone for the encouragement on the niece’s “invention for foot warmers, and the correction on the number of Jamieson books by Unicorn. There are two published so far, and a third on the way. There is one Simply Knit book and another on the way as well.

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