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On Thursday, someone asked me what I had planned for the weekend and I responded that I didn’t think I had anything. Boy was I wrong.

Full Weekend

We made it to the flea market twice, went out for dinner, saw a movie (Whale Rider which I loved, Thaddeus hated), shopped for a housewarming gift, when to a housewarming party, saw a play and ran multiple errands outside of what I normally do on a weekend.

Mini Chock-a-Block

Despite all of our running around, I did get a chance to do the collar and the shoulder seams for MCaB.

Mini Chock-a-Block 07-28-03

It’s almost traditional that when I get to this point in the sweater that I try it on. Despite the fact that this sweater is full of colors that I don’t typically look good in, it’s a very flattering sweater for me. I’m looking forward to finishing this one.

I was daydreaming last week about showing this sweater off at Stitches East later this year, so I guess I really am proud of it.

I still have to fix the color mess up.

Flea Market Purchase

Thaddeus and I always look for very specific items when we go flea marketing.

He looks for fiestaware and mushroom-related things. And I look for yarn, knitting needles, knitting books and buttons. I found both knitting needles and buttons this week. The needles I hated, so I didn’t buy them, but a few cards of buttons caught my attention. Both will make perfect button sets for sweaters, especially the larger, lighter ones.


Earflap Cap

A while ago, I designed and knit up a few different versions of an earflap cap that I based on one Thaddeus saw in a movie and liked. I was going to let Simply Knit sell it as part of a kit, but they didn’t think it would do very well, so I’ve decided to offer it to anyone who would like it.

Click Here for Earflap Cap pattern

I apologize in advance as I used MS Word to create this document and also there may be errors in the pattern, because it hasn’t been tested overly thoroughly. If you find any, feel free to let me know, and I’d be glad to correct them.

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