1998 Asia Travel Log 01


As most readers know, I’m currently stationed in Albany, New York for work and I drive three hours up here each week from my house in Pennsylvania. The drive can be absolutely beautiful.

Upstate New York at 80

At 80 miles an hour, that is. A couple of weeks ago, as I started on my drive home, I realized I had the pocket camera I got for my birthday in my shirt pocket, and I had no pictures stored on it.

Which meant, I could take 53 random photos of my drive through the upstate New York countryside, and not even care if they came out or not. I ended up taking random pictures as the car was moving, and almost lost the camera twice as I held it out the window. I wasn’t expecting much.

None of them turned out to be exquisitely beautiful, but here are a few examples of my drive home that day anyway.

Mini Chock-a-Block

First of all, based on Amy’s great suggestion (with a minor change) I am renaming MCaB to FiestaWear. I liked her idea, but didn’t want to confuse anyone with the name of a couple of yarns that go by Fiesta. I also didn’t want to make people think it was at all Mexican looking.

Plus I like the little pun with ware and wear.

As far as knitting progress, I started out the week by leaving my pattern graphic at home and having to ask Thaddeus to read off the seventeen colors I was using in this sweater over the phone to me.

During the interim, I was knitting the ribbing at the cuff. I also realized that because of the intarsia blocks, I could easily knit both sleeves at the same time, so I did both cuff ribbings. I also made a little progress (very little) on the first row of blocks.

Mini Chock-a-Block 07-29-03

New Baby Project

I recently found out that my knitting pal Janis is having a girl.

I need to come up with something quite extraordinary as a knitted gift for her new daughter-to-be. For my non-knitting friends and family, any pattern will do as long as it has a certain wow-appeal to it.

But for Janis, it will need to be truly fine and look great. I’m considering designing a garment. Either a little dress or a jumper in interesting colors. Any suggestions would be gratefully considered.

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