Happy Day

Nothing more exciting than getting a good deal.

Principles of Knitting

Having read so much about this famous knitting reference, I’ve always been interested in seeing what it was like. Last night, a coworker and I arrived at the restaurant for dinner about an hour before our reservation, so we decided to walk around. After 30 mins of walking, we were back at the restaurant, so I suggested browsing at a used book store near the restaurant.

Making a bee-line for the crafts section, I found dozens of needlepoint books, but there were only two knitting books. Luckily, one of them was “Principles of Knitting” by June Hiatt. Hard-cover, and in excellent condition, I couldn’t find a price (except the face-value price of $35.00).


I brought it to the sales counter, and asked, figuring the prices would be astronomical.


Yes, that’s right, six dollars and fifty cents.

Suffice it to say, I bought it immediately.

On checking eBay this morning, there are two copies of this book listed currently, one with a bid at around $50, and the other with no bids starting at $125.

eBay Listing

I’m not planning on selling it, but it was nice to see I got a phenomenal deal.

FiestaWear Pullover

My knitting the last couple of days has been careless with a few mistakes. I had to reknit one of the cuff ribbings, and restart the first row of color blocks on the other one. I guess I need to pay more attention to my knitting right now.

I’m almost done with the first row of color blocks on both sleeves, and hopefully I’ll make some good progress this weekend. I’ll post a picture once I’ve gotten enough of a change to show.

New Baby Project Suggestions

Thanks for your great ideas for baby projects. I think I’ve come up with a great idea, but I can’t discuss it, because Janis reads the blog, and I want it to be a secret.

Marilyn (the Knitting Curmudgeon) gave me the idea, and I fell in love with it. Now I just have to see about executing it. While I love the duck and frog designs, that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go (although I may consider making those for some other baby). I also got many offers of vintage pattern books that readers have in their stash.

The kind charity of knitters that read this blog is sometimes overwhelming.

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