Weekend Knitting

Weekends for me are always the time when I get the most knitting done. My job requires pretty long hours of work and then usually some group socializing at night. Add in an exercise regime, and weekdays in Albany provide little time for knitting.

FiestaWear Pullover

I am relieved that the correction of the two-color blocks has been completed successfully. I took a lot of pictures of the process for correcting this mistake, and I even remembered to bring the camera with me to Albany. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to bring the wires to connect the camera to my laptop…ugh!

I’ll post a little darning tutorial to the blog when I get home at the end of this week.

I also got a little work done on the sleeves, and I’m hopeful to complete this sweater on schedule by the end of this coming weekend.

I do have my other camera with me as well, so I’ll be able to post pictures this week. Just not the ones I took over the weekend.

Zachary’s Baby Blanket

With a new baby project on the horizon (Janis is 5 months pregnant), I thought I better get the blanket for Zachary done and out of the way. I made some good progress this weekend on the blanket, and have a great picture of it in the camera.

Unfortunately, there it will stay until I get back home.

Pattern stitch error. After I had completed about 3 repeats of the 12-row pattern repeat, I thought I knew how to do it by heart.

I was wrong.

It turns out that this beautiful little blanket will have three repeats of the King Charles Brocade, a bunch of repeats of the Jester Joe’s Brocade (similar to King Charles, but with Joe’s very own mistake), and then finished off with three repeats of King Charles Brocade to give it symetry.

Honestly, the pattern difference will give it an interesting look, otherwise I would have undone the entire blanket back to the mistake.

New Baby Project

I went to Simply Knit this past weekend to meet up with two knitting pals, Leslie and Janet. They were there for the big summer sale (sorry, it’s only for in-store customers, not web). I got to show them my new baby project idea, and they thought it sounded perfect.

I can’t wait to start this one. I’m sure you can imagine how itchy my fingers were to do some swatching this past weekend, but I resisted. Fortunately, the new project required some yarn to be ordered, in addition to what I had already purchased last week.

Look for pictures again starting with my next blog entry.

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