QueerJoe 02-16-09

Knitting Guilt

As a product of a Catholic upbringing, it never ceases to amaze me how I can feel guilty about anything.

FiestaWear Pullover

I got absolutely no knitting done last night on FiestaWear, and very little this morning. Fear not…I will flog myself, knit a hair-shirt, and wear it for a month as penance. I will also make sure I still finish this sweater by this weekend, despite my recent lack of progress.

Knitting Meet-up

Marilyn (the Knitting Curmudgeon), Kathy, Amber, and possibly Annie will be meeting this coming Saturday at Simply Knit at 11:30 and then will go to lunch locally.

Anyone interesting in attending, feel free to contact me so we can include you.

Blogger Pals

Speaking of Amber and Marilyn, they both have excellent blog entries that you should check out.

Amber has a post from a couple of days ago that describes Kathy “teaching” her to crochet. Knowing Kathy, I was howling with laughter. I’m sure Kathy wishes Amber had a comments section so she could defend herself.

Marilyn has a great commentary on current knitting stupidity. Acerbic and funny as always.


Finally, Wendy has a great charity knitting event going on. She’s having a raffle for anyone who wants to knit catnip-stuffed mouse toys for cats.


It’s a great idea, for a charity about which Wendy is highly supportive. Please support this great effort if you can spare a little knitting time.

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