Blog Rings

Have you gone through the blog rings lately? I try to circle through at least one of the three rings on my blog at least once a week.

Blog Ring Participation Suggestions

I just went through the MenWhoKnit Blog Ring, and I have to say, it’s one of my favorites. It’s relatively small, it’s got some interesting bloggers on it, and it’s devoted to a specific group of knitters that I’m interested in. One of the best of the new ones I found was sean808080′ ohmbase blog. Just my kinda blog. I will probably be adding his link to my daily blog reads.

However, I’d like to whine about a couple of my pet peeves.

Trying to find the “Next” button on the MenWhoKnit ring is next to impossible on some blogs. If I had my druthers, I’d require anyone participating on a blog ring to do three things:

1. Include both the Blog Ring graphic and the text name of the blog ring on their blog page (that way I could at least do a text search on the web page).

2. Put both the graphic and the text toward the top of the blog.

3. Put the “Next” text in a color that doesn’t blend in with the blog background.

One other thing, which is usually a requirement for participating on most blog rings, but I’d require members to update their blog at least every week. Even though most blog rings have this requirement, it’s not a rule that is usually enforced. I wish blog owners would voluntarily take themselves off the ring if they’re not planning on updating at least infrequently.

I saw one blog owner who mentioned in the text of the blog that the blog wouldn’t be updated much anymore and could be removed from the blog ring if the blog ring administrator happened to read that blog. Why wasn’t their just a request that the blog ring adminstrator just update that person’s blog for them once a week instead?

If you’ve got the ability to add yourself to a blog ring, for gawd’s sake, you’ve got the ability to have yourself removed.

Knitting Meet-up

It looks like we’re going to have five knitters show up for the meet-up in Lambertville this Saturday (August 9th). Kathy, Amber, Marilyn, Lisa and myself. I can’t wait. We will meet up at Simply Knit in Lambertville, NJ at 11:30. Chat, have a little show & tell, and then have lunch at a local restaurant.

Anyone interested, feel free to come along. After Amber’s description of a crochet lesson from Kathy on her blog, I think the conversation could be quite interesting.

Knitting Progress

FiestaWear is back on track. I did almost an full row of color blocks on the sleeves last night, and I’m hopeful to get some more done tonight. If the weather had been a little brighter this week in Albany, I would have taken a picture of the progress with my pocket camera. No such luck.

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