Pet Peeves Airport

Pet Peeves

Nothing seems to generate more reader comment on a knitting blog than the mention of something annoying. Since today was a slow day for knitting topics, I figured I could always drag out this old topic.

Knit Peeves

My biggest peeve, when it comes to non-knitting topics, is when two or more people stop and have a conversation in the middle of a pedestrian thoroughfare. For example, a family gets off a plane and insists on hugging every living relative that came to meet them at the gate right in the middle of the exit to the jet-way. Or two people stop on a busy sidewalk to chat, and don’t move off to the side. Or the worst…people that stop at the bottom of escalators to chat.

Nothing is more annoying than that.

From a knitting perspective my peeves have changed.

It used to be when a knitting pattern would say “Complete left side as for the right side, reversing all shapings”, especially when the shaping couldn’t really be done in the same way, and I had to figure it out myself.

That doesn’t bother me anymore, especially since I’ve used it in some of my own patterns.

I guess my biggest knitting irritation these days is knots in the yarn. It’s bad enough when every ball or skein of yarn has at least one knot in it. It makes it even worse when there are more. But the worst is when there are knots in a self-patterning yarn, and it totally screws up the whole pattern. That goes for variegated yarns with long lengths of color (like Noro Kureyon).

Reader Question

Aubergine asks two questions:

1. Is this a good time to write “Only a flaming faggot would look good in those colors”?

A. There is never a bad time to include comments like that. Although I might suggest something original that’s equally as opinionated and interesting.

2. If I had any good pictures of the throw I made out of Manos yarn.

A. First of all, the throw is a Manos pattern called Vineyard Throw. You can check out the pamphlet picture of it (one in the bottom, left of the picture) at Knit Witts.

My best picture of it, is the one where my niece is modeling it. You can see I used MUCH more interesting colors in mine.

Manos Vineyard Throw

One caution I will also give is that a trusted source told me that Manos pills very easily, so this wouldn’t be the kind of throw you’d make for a family who wouldn’t be a little delicate with it.

Knitting Progress

I got some additional pattern repeats done on the Zachary blanket. I’ll post a picture when there’s something different to show.

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