Harshest Critic - QueerJoe Critical Eye 12-02-20

Queer Eye for the Queer Guy

Having lost my exclusivity of the word “Queer” to a popular t.v. show, I will now show you my own attempts at self betterment.

On-Line Makeovers

This clever little place on the web allows you to do a makeover to yourself, or an image that you feel looks like you.


And here’s the result of my incredible taste as a queer man.


I’d be happy to post any pictures of other folks’ attempts at a makeover if you’re game.

Knitting Progress

I got some additional knitting done last night, and I’m almost up to the part where I have to do the real King Charles Brocade. I realized I don’t have the pattern stitch with me, so hopefully, I’ll be able to find it on-line somewhere. Otherwise that part will have to wait till I get home on Thursday night.

Zachary Blanket 08-19-03

It looks like I have about 3 more repeats of the faux King Charles Brocade (maybe I should call it the Prince Charles Brocade since it’s a smaller version?). After that, I have three repeats of the real pattern stitch.

I’ll be glad to finish this one…hopefully so will the recipients.

Sexy Murderers

First of all, I know it’s not all murderers I find attractive since Charlie Manson does nothing at all for me. But I made a promise that I would be honest in this blog, and I can’t take back what I said.

The question was asked which Hussein brother trips my trigger, Uday or Qusay.

I have to admit, it’s Uday that I like. I’ve always liked that swarthy, hirsute look.


Reader Comments and Questions

The inevitable question was asked by Aubergine, about what’s happening with my workbasket.

As amazing as it sounds, I’ve been focusing on pretty much one project at a time, and getting pretty decent results by doing that. I have done a little work on the Alpaca Bedspread, but still don’t have 12″, which is the minimum I must have before posting a picture.

Shortly, I’ll give an update of all my outstanding projects.

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