Zachary Blanket Done

Another Completion

Focusing on one project is good for my completion satisfaction…amazing how quickly I can get things done.

Zachary Blanket

As promised, I worked only on the baby blanket and finished it late last week.

Zachary Blanket Done

I washed it using the Oxyclean the folks suggested, and it worked like a charm. The Paton’s Baby Beehive is very soft and nice, although a little plasticky to work with. Washing it gave it a nice softness.

Stupidly, I wrapped the gift, wrote out the card, and left it at home when I travelled to Albany this morning. Now I have to wait till Friday to send it out. Oh well, how fast does a baby grow anyway?

New Projects

Okay, you read correctly…projects…plural.

Three to be exact.

Addi Beaded/Knitted Necklace

My local yarn store owner/friend made the mistake of telling me that Janis (of pregnancy fame) finished her crocheted Addi beaded necklace in three hours. So I figured I better at least start mine. The beading part took me a while.

Then, I started the knitting, and it was very difficult to start. The wire is nice, but even still, knitting with a new medium that’s not as flexible or stretchy as wool makes the first couple of rows a little fussy.

I only got a couple of inches done, but I hope to finish it when I get back home at the end of this week.

New QueerJoe Design

I stopped working on the necklace after I got it to the point where knitting was going a lot more smoothly. Then I cast on for the new design which I’m calling the “Passing Lane Pullover”. The picture below isn’t great, but I had to settle on trying to get the color accurate rather than the texture, at least for the first picture, since I based the whole idea for this sweater on the yarn color (Jamieson DK – Sunrise).

I did the waist ribbing in an easy notched rib, and then started the body of the sweater in a great slipped stitch ribbing that moves along very quickly. It gives the fabric a very lofty feel, and it will definitely be a very warm sweater.

Reader Makeovers

I love seeing the results of the makeovers. I never knew what pretty boys I had reading my blog. You think I could get away with asking all the guys to send in bathing suit pictures too? Here’s the latest cute guy and his best efforts at getting adopted by Karen from Will & Grace.

I still haven’t gotten Marilyn’s makeover.

Reader’s Comments

Sean mentioned that he’d like to see some pictures from when I’m flying.

Other than taking off, talking with air traffic control and landing, flying doesn’t require an enormous amount of concentration, so I could easily take pictures from the plane while flying. However, since I’m going up with an instructor for at least the next couple of lessons, I don’t think I’ll be taking pictures (unless they’re of him…he’s cute).

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