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For regular readers, today’s compliments to some of the knitting lists will come as a big surprise.

Good Things About Knitting Lists

I usually don’t have very nice things to say about knitting lists, and lately, I have gone “No-Mail” status on most of my lists.

However, last week, I was pleasantly reminded of some of the wonderful folks on some of those lists, and how nice they can be.

On one of my infrequent posts to the Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered Knitting List, I mentioned that I would need to look through my old Paton’s book for a pattern for baby leggings. In return, I got multiple offers from listers who had either already looked through their book/magazine stash, or who offered to to help me find a suitable pattern.

And I have to admit, I have never been disappointed by lack of answers when I have posted to any of the lists with a thoughtful request for information or assistance.

Oh Gawd…Another hot looking Murderer!!!

Wouldn’t you know, now I’m attracted to a homophobic, life-sentenced murderers…but how could you blame me:

Joseph Druce

Joseph Druce was the guy that killed John Geoghen, the pedophile priest. Those Jim Morrison looks are very hot…could you imagine this guy’s punishment being a night tied up in the back room of some big city leather bar? Pure Karmic justice.

Knitting Progress

I got another couple of inches done on the back of the Passing Lane pullover. It’s moving along very nicely and I’m happy with the pattern stitch.

Passing Lane 08-26-

Here’s a close-up of the two pattern stitches. The waist ribbing is a 3X3 rib with a ridged inner rib. The main pattern stitch is a basic 1X1 rib, except the Knit stitch column is slipped in the back to give it a more open stitch look.

Passing Lane Closeup

I’m also thinking that I will do fitted sleeves for this sweater. I look better in raglan sleeves, but the colors I’ll be using for this sweater aren’t exactly flattering for me, so I’ll probably go with the easier fitted sleeve.

Reader Makeovers

This is by far the best one yet. The Knitting Princess has been crowned.


I’m so glad Marilyn took the time to send this one…thanks!


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