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It’s been a little while since my last blog contest, so I figured it’s time for a new one.

Guest Blog Writer Contest

The winner of the Guest Blog Writer Contest will be the person who submits the most successful guest blog entry which will be based on the following criteria:

1. Entry has a topic of wide interest to the type of knitter that reads my blog.

2. Entry is written with care and thoughtfulness

3. Major topic of the blog entry is fiber related

I have asked Marilyn, the Knitting Curmudgeon if she would agree not to participate in the contest, so that she can be my impartial judge of all the entries. She will be provided with all submitted blog entries, but won’t be told who submitted the entry.

Blog entries must be submitted by Monday, September 15th to be considered. Entries should be submitted to, and if that address doesn’t work, use Entries can include multiple topics, and can also include pictures. The same person can also submit multiple entries to the contest.

The winner of the Guest Blog Writer Contest will have his or her blog entry published on on Friday, September 19th and will also win 12 balls of Jaeger, Extra Fine Merino in DK weight. The color is a very nice antique gold, tweedy color.

Contest Prize

The merino is soft and lovely, and there’s enough yardage (1644 yards) to make a man’s large sweater.

Knitting Progress

As you can see, I made enough progress to get up to the beginning of the sleeve shaping. Knitting will progress on the back a lot more quickly now.

Passing Lane 08-29-03

If anyone has access to a Jamieson yarn color card, or can view Jamieson yarns in their local yarn store, you have just got to check out this color in person. I’ll be at Stitches East this year, with all of the sweaters I’ve made recently, so you can check it out there if you plan on attending.

Reader Comments/Questions

Micheal (Aubergine) asks what’s the background behind why I’m calling my current desing the Passing Lane Pullover.

Honestly, I saw Nathan Lane on t.v., and he was wearing a sweater that gave me the idea for this sweater. I just thought Passing Lane would be an interesting name and still include a remnant of the original inspiration for the sweater.

Sorry it’s not more interesting, but I’d be happy to change it to a more interesting story if someone could think of one.

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