Blog Contest

Contests always turn out to be more work than I initially anticipate.

Guest Blog Writer Contest

The first entry has been submitted for the contest. I like this contest, but I also worry that not enough folks will want to go to the effort of writing an entry.

What with having their own blogs, or not feeling they could come up with something interesting, or a dozen other reasons.

I’m ever so hopeful that this doesn’t turn out to be a flop of a contest.

All I can say, is that the yarn prize this time is a very nice yarn. Had I not just finished a sweater in a similar color in Jamieson DK, I would have started a garment in this yarn myself.

Knitting Progress

Happily, I was able to get a lot done, as I had hoped, on the Passing Lane pullover.


Passing Lane 09-01-03

I finished the back of the garment (including writing out the pattern instructions for the portion that I’ve completed so far. I also got a few inches done on the front.


Passing Lane 09-02-03

I think of Wendy often as I knit this garment, thinking it would bore her out of her skull, and be irritating at the same time. The entire garment is done in rib stitches, and both rib pattern stitches are two row repeats. Knowing how she likes complex charts or pattern stitches, and how much she hates ribbing, this sweater would be her version of a knitting nightmare.

I have to admit, I’m finding the non-thinking quality of this design very satisfying.

Reader Comments/Questions

I like all of your ideas for the origination of the name for the Passing Lane pullover (except for Carol’s suggestion that I was sucking up to XRX by complying with one of their Knitters Magazine themes on cars). Once I came up with the name, I thought of some of your reasons, and liked how nicely it all seemed to fit together.

Hopefully the sweater will fit together as well.

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