Gawd I love toys.

New Fiber Toy

Folks on my favorite knitlist happened to mention a toy, and some awful list member included a web link where one could be ordered.

Given my lack of any self-discipline, the next thing I knew, I was clicking on:

checkout button

Damn I’m weak…but more importantly, here’s what I’ve ordered (and received, from what Thaddeus tells me at home).


It’s a small loom called a Weavette. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this product. I on the other hand am not. I can’t wait to get home and start playing with this little fun toy. The name of the company is Weavettes, and the web site is just as easy:


Blog Contest Rules Clarification

Catherine from Australia asks if blog entries from down-under count.

The answer is an emphatic yes. The winner of my last blog contest had me sending a bag of bulky yarn to England as payment for her 100% score on the QSAT.

Folks are also welcome to submit more than one entry, but if you do, just make sure it comes in separate e-mails, else I may mistake it as one blog entry.

Blog Entries

As Catherine mentioned, I did receive her entry, and another one in the mail today. So far three entries. I’m very pleased with the quality of these entries. I have a strong appreciation for good writing, and I can’t imagine Marilyn is going to have an easy task of picking, if these first three entries are an indication of the caliber of entries.

Knitting Progress

I continue to cruise along on this easy, no-thought pattern.

Passing Lane 09-04-03

I’ve got about seven inches done (and yes, this man does know what 7 inches really is), and I start sleeve shaping at 15.5 inches. Again, it appears as though I should be able to finish the front this weekend, and work on the collar and start the first sleeve.

This time, I’m planning on knitting the sleeves one at a time. I’ve never had a problem ending up with matching sleeves, and I didn’t find knitting both at the same time last time was any time savings.

Since I’ll be doing the collar this weekend, I have to make the decision as to which color I use for the inner collar. I had decided on Moss, which is a bright, tweedy green, but I might go with the more conservative Ivy which is a dark olive green. Both would be good, but one is just a little more jarring than the other.

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