Funny Comments

I’ve always thought the comments you folks leave are better than the blog itself.

Blog Contest Caliber Comments

In the last few days, I’ve been laughing my “tanned hide” off at the comments y’all have been leaving.

One of my favorites were the “stupid shit” that Marcia’s fingers made her type. I also like enjoyed Barb Brown’s blog entry topic of “The Correct Way to Hold Your Mouth When Knitting the I-Cords on a Prince Albert Brocade Washcloth”. I think both of those comments could easily be converted into contest entries.

Blog Contest

There have been only a few contest entries submitted so far, so if you’re interested in the yarn, you’ll have a better chance than most of my contests (or Wendy’s…she’s got her September contest up, and it’s relatively easy, so there will be a LOT of folks in the lottery for her prize this month).

I know the task of coming up with a guest blog entry might seem daunting, but I figured the prize is a good one, and I wasn’t going to waste it on something easy.

Just remember, this coming Monday is the last day I’ll accept entries.

Knitting Progress

You’ll see that I got to the arm hole shaping for Passing Lane.


Passing Lane 09-13-03

I didn’t bring any of the possible complimentary colors for the inside collar, so I won’t do that part even if I finish the front while I’m in Albany.

I’ll just start on the sleeve, and do the collar when I get home on Friday.


It’s always nice to be recognized as a designer, and Theresa, of Keyboard Biologist fame, honored me in the nicest way. She made my Koigu Cross-Stitch Scarf pattern for her mom, and it came out absolutely beautifully (much better than the demo models I made for Simply Knit).

Thank you Theresa.

A&F Knock-Off Sweater Pattern

A few folks have asked for this pattern, and I’ve sent it out to everyone who’s asked so far. At least as far as I know. If you’ve asked for the sweater pattern, and not received it, please let me know again, and I’ll make sure you get it.

Eventually, I’m going to have a “Free Pattern” page where I can put the Willy Warmer Pattern, the London Beanie, etc., etc. I’ll even include the “Bite Me” warshcloth graph that Marilyn did for her blog readers. What a hoot.

Reader Comments/Questions

Kathy asks if the Passing Lane Pullover will be ready for Stitches East.

It will definitely be ready by then. I’m hoping to finish by next week sometime. I need it for my collection of sweaters to show the editor at Unicorn when I see him at Stitches.

Deb offers to send a recipe in exchange for the A&F Knockoff pattern.

The offer is very much appreciated, although I don’t think she’d want to see how badly I could bastardize her recipe.

The pattern is free, and as mentioned above, eventually it will be on a “Free Patterns” section of my site. I just have to get my HTML ass in gear.

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