Zachary Blanket

Knitting Appreciation

Nothing makes me more satisfied about my knitting than to have someone truly appreciate a finished object.

Zachary Blanket Feedback

I finally got some feedback on the baby blanket I made for Zachary and sent out last week. I was honestly starting to worry that it hadn’t gotten to him, since his parents are very responsible and I know they would have at least acknowledged receipt.

Well yesterday, they did more than that. They sent a very nice note stating that the blanket was the “nicest and most generous gift that Zach had received based on the time and thought that went into it.”

Zachary’s father also mentioned that his son really liked the blanket a lot and they sent the following picture.

Zachary Blanket

I have to admit, the little beauty makes the blanket look good.

Blog Contest

Entries continue to dribble in, but the quality is excellent. Thank you all for playing, and just remember there are only a couple of more days to enter the contest. What more could you want besides fame and nice yarn for your efforts?

Knitting Progress

I finished the front of Passing Lane, and sewed up the right shoulder. I prefer to knit my collars flat, rather than in the round, so I only knit up one shoulder (always the right one) and then work the collar flat. And since this will be a double layer collar, I’ll find it twice as easy as sewing up both shoulders and knitting both collar layers in the round.

Passing Lane 09-13-03

I also started the first sleeve and I’ve gotten a little bit done on that as well.

Passing Lane 09-13-03-1

New Jamieson Book

There are a total of three designs in the new Jamieson Book that are from the designers at Simply Knit.

I like them all, although I don’t think I’ll make any of them. Mostly because they are women’s sweaters.

I do think that I will eventually make the following two garments, because I think they are very fine.

Reader Comments/Questions

Again, your many comments are funnier and more interesting than my blog.

Which brings me to the first question from Lisa, who asks, “Can one pose a question? Or is that blog commenting hijacking?”

I like this question, because it gives me an opportunity to share again on my views of the commenting forum. I consider that space open to almost any opinion or question. If there is a possibility of “hijacking” the commenting forum, it has long since been hijacked.

Geane also asks, “What happened to the picture of Donegal?”

Sorry about that, the picture in the left side-bar detailing what I’m currently working on never had a correct link to Donegal. I’ve fixed it now, and thanks for pointing it out.

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