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A Hijacked Blog

Overall, I’ve very open to suggestions and questions on this blog. I figure if a question in the blog comments sends QueerJoe.com in a different direction, then that’s the direction it was supposed to be going to begin with.

Favorite Designers

Instead of just letting comments be hijacked, I figured I’d turn the entire blog over to the discussion that Lisa started in blog comments.

She says she’s read about designers that we don’t like, but which ones do we like.

Before answering the question, I first have to say that I have discussed designers that I like a lot in past blog entries. I just didn’t want readers to think that I only whine about bad ones.

That being said, I think by far my favorite designer of all time would have to be Kaffe Fassett. I’m more a color fanatic than a texture fanatic, and he does color better than anyone, in my esteemed opinion. I also like Debbie Bliss and Jo Sharp a lot too.

Although not highly published, Carol Lapin is the most interesting designer. Her designs are funky and sophisticated and I love her colorway.

Just like I consider Brandon Mably to be a mini-Kaffe, I have tried to be a mini-Carol when it comes to color sense.

Oh, and weighing in on the Maie discussion, I have to agree with Marilyn on that one. I LOVE how that woman spins and dyes, but I think her designs are awful (except for the ideas she’s stolen from others, including me). I totally agree that Kathy’s use of Koigu is MUCH more interesting.

Blog Contest

I’ve gotten some additional entries over the weekend and Marilyn’s job is going to be even tougher now. I’ve decided to publish all of the blog entries that I received sometime next week. If any of you who have submitted entries who don’t win the contest, would prefer not to have your entry published, please let me know, and I’ll exclude yours.

Today is the LAST day that I’ll accept entries, so make sure you get yours in today if you want to participate.

Knitting Progress

Marilyn asks if I still plan on making my deadline for completing Passing Lane in time for Stitches.

Can you believe her nerve?

In fact, I’m so confident that I’ll make that deadline, that I decided to start on a different sweater this past weekend, and spent most of my knitting time on that (see below).

I ended up doing about 2 inches on the first sleeve, and I hope to finish that sleeve by Friday of this week, leaving me a whole week to finish the other sleeve, the collar and sewing it up.


New Rebekah Sweater

A while ago, I mentioned that a neighbor/friend of mine asked me to make her husband a sweater out of her handspun. My friend spins, but doesn’t knit, so I was glad to make a simple raglan sweater for her husband.

Despite her coarse handspun, he loves the sweater.

A few months ago, the same neighbor/friend had purchased some yarn at the expensive yarn store in New Orleans, and wanted to know if I’d barter organic vegetables for a couple of sweaters for her daughter, Rebekah.

I didn’t know how to say no, so I asked her for measurements.

I just got them last week, so I decided to start the first sweater. I decided to combine the bright pink Provence cotton yarn with the Trendsetter Flora (like Charm if you’re familiar), to do a stripe towards the bottom. Then I used a simple slip/transfer stitch for the body of the sweater.

For the collar, I did a notched front and stranded the Flora along with it again.

I plan on picking up stitches at the bottom, and doing a tulip edging and then doing simple sleeves with more Flora at the cuff.

I ended up getting the body of the sweater completed.

Now I just have the bottom edging and the sleeves to go. And of course, the second sweater

Those will wait till after Stitches.

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