Willie Warmer

A Desperate Plea

A newfound friend on my Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Transgendered Knitting List is doing an AIDS ride in NJ, and is requesting donations.

Please Give

It’s not normally like me to ask for donations for anything, but I’d like to ignore that rule for today’s blog entry and ask for your help.

The New Jersey Ride for AIDS is having a benefit the same weekend as Stitches East this year.


Since I couldn’t participate in the actual ride (for obvious reasons), I would like to support this excellent organization, and my newfound friend, Karen, has given me the opportunity.

Karen will be bicycling 250 miles over the course of three days and needs to raise $1,500. The benefit is looking to raise $150,000 in total. She’s looking for any contribution folks could make whether it be $5 or $500.

Since 100% of contributions go to AIDS charities, I find this benefit to be very worthy. The funds also go to organizations such as South Jersey AIDS Alliance, NJ Women and AIDS Network, and The Center in Asbury Park (there web site has a full list of benefactors).

If you can, please pledge any amount of money by contacting me at josephwilcox@bearingpoint.net with your Name and address and the amount you can pledge, and I’ll ask Karen to send you the information on how to submit your contribution.

If you’d prefer to donate via pay-pal, I’d be glad to pass your contributions on to Karen if you don’t care about having a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution. Just click on the button below and select the amount you’d like to contribute.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and now onto knitting.

Blog Contest

I received a total of 17 entries to the guest blog contest.

Thank you one and all for taking the time and energy to write such thoughtful and interesting blog posts. I will be forwarding all entries to Marilyn today and the winner will be announced this coming Friday.

Good luck to one and all.

Knitting Progress

You can see for yourself, that I’ve done another few inches on the sleeve for Passing Lane.

Passing Lane 09-16-03-1

I’m hopeful to finish this first sleeve by tomorrow and getting the rest of the sweater done by the end of this coming weekend. If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to schlep this entire sweater up to Albany next week to finish up any outstanding parts to have it ready for Stitches.

Reader Comments/Questions

I forgot to respond to this last week when Deb/Yentala (www.yentala.typepad.com) said (and I quote), “Bubbeleh, ve vant de pattern for de SHVENTZELE VARMER!!”

I don’t speak Yiddish fluently, but I’m assuming she’s asking for the pattern for the Willie Warmer that I did a while back.

Willie Warmer

Well, here’s the pattern that I made it from, and the modifications I made to the pattern.

Click Here

Also, it’s nice to have my readers looking out for my sex life. Lisa passed along this web site, figuring I might find this man hot like the other murderers discussed earlier.


I don’t know…maybe it’s because he’s not convicted yet, or he’s not a mass murderer…but he just doesn’t trip my trigger.

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