Thank-You Notes 01-23-21 01

Thank You Thank You

I am more than grateful for reader generosity in two ways.

Blog Contest

First of all, your generosity with your writing talents was great. I have read through each entry, and they are impressive. I’ll post the winning entry this Friday, and the winner’s name over the weekend.

That way, you can read the winning blog entry just like Marilyn did. With impartiality to any of the personalities of the blog readers.

Next week, I’ll post all of the entries (except for those that would prefer to use their entries in their own blogs and have asked me not to publish unless they won).

NJ Ride for AIDS

The other way that readers have been very generous is from their purses/pockets.

On behalf of Karen (who’s doing all the work), and myself, I thank you with as much gratitude as I can in a blog entry. You astound me with your charitability.

If you’d still like to donate to this great cause, send your contact information to me and I’ll pass it on to Karen. Or if you’d prefer to donate via pay-pal, I’d be glad to pass your contributions on to Karen if you don’t care about having a receipt for your tax-deductible contribution. Just click on the button below and select the amount you’d like to contribute.

You folks are the best.

Knitting Progress

These are the days where I feel that posting a progress picture seems useless.

I did get a couple of inches more done on the sleeve, but is that worthy of a picture? I could even just distort yesterday’s picture. And what should I do on the second sleeve? Can I just repost the pictures from the first sleeve that most closely correspond with my progress?

Passing Lane 09-17-03-1

At least his picture shows the pattern stitch a little better than some of my previous pictures.

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