Red Morning

Storm Warnings

Red in the morning, sailors take warning.

Driving Through Isabel

I leave Albany this afternoon for home as Isabel inches its way North. Here’s the sunrise I woke up to this morning.

This picture doesn’t even do justice to the angry red sunrise I saw out my hotel window this morning.

Blog Contest

Just as a reminder, tomorrow’s blog will be the contest winner’s blog entry. I will just be posting it as I received it, so don’t be surprised if you think to yourself…”Hey, this doesn’t seem like QueerJoe.”

Obviously, the winner will know who he/she is, but the rest of you will have to wait until the weekend to find out (unless he/she reveals himself/herself in comments).

Knitting Progress

Well, it’s one of those “one step forward, three steps back” kind of messages today.

Two nights ago, I had made what I considered a minor mistake in the sleeve of Passing Lane. Every time I’d pick up the sleeve to do more on it, I’d consider whether I needed to fix it.

I rationalized that it would be on a seam, it would be under the arm, the dark color yarn doesn’t show the mistake, etc., etc.

Last night I finally realized I needed to fix it. I have a general rule that if I question whether I should fix a mistake three times or more, I need to fix it.

I ended up ripping out about 4 inches of knitting, and then knitted about 2 inches to try to bring it back as quickly as possible.

Passing Lane 09-18-03

If you look at the picture from yesterday carefully, you can see the mistake. I’ve circled it to help you out.

Passing Lane 09-17-03-Error


Finally, I was reading Wendy’s blog today, and she’s ordered the yarn to another gorgeous Fair Isle pattern (the Amphora sweater), and it reminded me of the colors in a moth I found on my back deck at home.


The deep blues and subtle grays just reminded me of her sweater purchase.

New Blog Button

I’ve been reading Sean808080’s blog for a while now, and really enjoy it.

I finally got a chance to create a button, and add him to my site. You’ll see the new button on the blog buttons down on the left side.

If you haven’t checked out his site (especially his 101 things about him list), you might want to, when you get a chance.

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