DATE: 19 September, 2003

SUBJECT: Knitting. Well, MY Knitting. Well, ME and my Knitting.

Well, ME.

MOOD: Delicate, but Informative

BODY TEMPERATURE: 98.6; 98.6; 98.8(!), 98.6

OUT MY WINDOW: So much activity from the “real” world.

People doing things, speaking to each other

in real time. Where do they find the energy?

STATS COUNT: 39. This has to be a mistake. I am certain I get

hundreds of hits a day on this blog ALONE.

I know there should be a photo of me on this blog, but I’ve been so nauseous all day, I can’t think of searching out the camera Mummy bought me for my 37th birthday.

Just picture Nicky or Paris Hilton (which one is the blonder, more delicate?) with her head in the toilet, and that’s what I look like. I’ve been awake and at my research for my book, “Feminist Knitting in the 14th Century”, since 4:42 A.M. I don’t like to sleep later, as it leaves me feeling less, well, delicate.

I cribbed much of my real writing from “A Distant Mirror”, but most of the bestseller-buying “normal” readers who patronize such pedestrian emporiums (should be “emporii”, but would less sophisticated readers know?) most likely haven’t heard of Barbara Tuchman.

Anyway, the knitting part is my own original thinking.

Today’s good news is, I received my first knitting book, “Heirloom Knitting”. I am certain that I will put it to good use, as everyone says it’s a book for true knitters. And it was costly.

Well, Mummy certainly thought so as she wrote the check.

Her comments were almost chagrined.

I know I’ll like “lace” knitting. Perhaps my heroine, Cunegonde, could be a “lace” knitter. I’ve paged through the book, and wonder, how does one deal with the holes?

I’ve knitted a few scarves, and what I like to call “fainting cloths”, but my knit stitches (so many!) were all, well, the same.


I actually own another knitting book, but it’s not really worth the title. It’s Jan Messent’s “Knitting Historical Figures”.

I expected it to aid in my enormous research, but really, so many egregious errors!

How could she not know that a medieval woman of merely countess status would never wear her wimple HALF-COVERING her ears?

I wrote a very fine article about this very subject and submitted it tothe “major” knitting publications, but it was rejected at all. Well, they are so “mainstream”.

I should knit my promised 14 stitches for the day, but it cuts into my list-making time so insidiously.

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