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Blog Winner

For those of you who didn’t recognize her writing, the winner of the guest blog entry contest was my friend Kathy.

Guest Blog Entry

One of the things I liked best about Kathy’s blog entry is that she had the balls to insult blogging directly. Clearly her entry wasn’t submitted to pander to me or the judge.

I’m sure she meant it as insulting, but I actually like what Haley said in comments. I am personally amazed that people come to read the day-to-day journal of my knitting. Honestly, who the fuck cares. I’m sure that’s why Haley doesn’t list a web page on her comment, because she realizes that blogs are inherently boring and self-centric.

And that’s exactly what Kathy documents so well in her clever satire.

Thanks Kathy for one of the most thoughtful entries. It certainly made me laugh, and afterall, this blog is all about me. I’m glad that you never cease to generate a lot of controversy.

I will post all of the entries except for those that the authors requested that I not post them unless they won, sometime this upcoming week so you can judge for yourself.

Knitting Progress

Two sleeves done!!!

Well, not two sleeves on the Passing Lane, but on the child’s pullover. I finished both sleeves and the bottom edging for the sweater for Rebekah.

Rebekah Sweater 09-20-03

I didn’t sew on the second sleeve yet, because I want to have Rebekah try on the sweater before finishing it, so fitting it to her will be easier.

I did make quite a bit of progress on the Passing Lane sleeve (still on the first one), and I’ve only got a couple of inches before I shape the sleeve cap.

Passing Lane 09-20-03

New Design

Thanks to the work I did on the Rebekah sweater, I’ve decided that I’m going to reknit it in Lana Grossa yarn so I can hopefully sell the design to Unicorn Books (who distributes both the Jamieson and Lana Grossa lines of yarn).

Instead of Provence Cotton and Trendsetter Flora, I’m using Merino Big and Pep. I started the bottom band, and it’s coming out very well so far. I’ll get a picture next week sometime when I’ve made some significant progress.

Another New Book

Jamieson is about to come out with another book in the Simply Knit series. While I’ve seen the full galleys for the new book, and Simply Knit yarn store is taking advanced orders on the book, I have been sworn to secrecy on my blog, and I can’t yet show pictures of the great designs.

As soon as the book is in stores (around mid-October), I will give a full review.

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