Thaddeus and Me

Multiple Projects – Again

It’s nice being back to working on multiple projects.

Rebekah Sweater

I have finished all of the pieces of the Rebekah sweater, and now just need to sew on the sleeve, sew up the collar/neck, weave in ends, and wash and press the finished sweater.

I had the opportunity to have the recipient try the sweater on this past weekend.

I was chatting with her mom outside, and showing her the sweater. She was quite pleased with the result. Her daughter, Rebekah, came over and started talking to us, and then noticed the sweater. She kept eyeing it, and finally said, “that’s a very pretty color”.

I asked her if she liked the sweater, and she said she did, very much. I asked her if she’d like to try it on and she was thrilled to (even with a missing sleeve). She could have cared less that I made it for her.

The sweater fit perfectly, looked great, and I got my neck opening measurements.

As mentioned in the last entry, I have a second Rebekah sweater on the needles. If I can finish Passing Lane quickly enough, I’ll work on Rebekah II to try to get it done for Stitches as well.

Passing Lane

Despite having worked on the two other Rebekah sweaters, I was still able to finish the first sleeve and I have also made some progress on the second sleeve.

Passing Lane 09-23-03

Working like a dog, I should get this sleeve done by Friday or Saturday, and get in some knitting time on Rebekah II over the weekend.

I’m looking forward to having five sweaters to show the editor at Unicorn now.


Thaddeus and I were at a party a while back. It was a housewarming party of a friend and former neighbor who moved about 30 minutes away into a new house.

He took the following picture, and it’s one of the only pictures where both Thaddeus and I like the way we look in the picture.

Thaddeus and Me

October will mark our 20th anniversary, and despite the fact that it’s a picture of a photograph, I thought you might want to see it.

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