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As the final chapter in another QueerJoe blog contest, I present all of the entries. Which would you have selected?

Guest Blog Entries

I was going to try and combine all of the entries into one HTML or PDF page, but it proved too difficult for my technical skills and/or patience. Instead I present links to each blog entry.

Enjoy the reading.

Antonio 1

Antonio 2

Antonio 3

Antonio 4

Barb 1

Barb 2





Michael (Aubergine)

Sean (Sean080808)

Passing Lane

I finished a few more inches on the final sleeve for Passing Lane, and it’s moving along at a good clip now.

Passing Lane 09-24-03

I am more and more optimistic each day that I’ll be able to present the Rebekah II sweater to the Unicorn editor at Stitches.

I also have to get a picture of Rebekah wearing her cotton version of the sweater when I get it finished. Those of you who know me, know I’m not overly fond of children. I make the exception for some children, and Rebekah is certainly one of those for whom I make an exception.

She is an absolutely beautiful child with a matching personality.

Wrist Hurt?

There are a lot of folks that know Annie Modesitt from her blog, Modeknit. She’s quite an amazing designer, but she’s also given a great gift to those of us who suffer wrist pain when we knit by documenting what she calls combined knitting.

It’s basically a method of creating the same Knit and Purl stitches as standard knitting, but done without as much wrist turning.

When I first taught myself to knit, I taught myself incorrectly how to purl (by wrapping in the wrong direction), and ended up with twisted stitches. I knit that way for the first year.

Now Annie shows how I could use that to my best advantage. Thanks Annie for documenting a great idea and sharing it with web knitters.

Reader Comments and Questions

I just wanted to thank you all for your nice comments on both the picture and our relationship.

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