Tool Chest

Busy Boy

No, I haven’t died, faked my own death or gone to Ireland unexpectedly. I’m still alive, but busy.

Getting Ready for Stitches Weekend

This whole past weekend was all about getting ready for next weekend.

In addition to Stitches on Thursday and Friday (I won’t be there Saturday), I have a memorial art show on Friday night. I’m hosting a brunch for 25 people on Saturday morning/afternoon. I have a birthday party for my mom’s husband (who turns 80) on Saturday night. And finally, I have a dog show on Sunday afternoon, where my best friend’s Springer Spaniel will compete for the first time as a champion.

Flea Market Gift from Thaddeus

Since it’s my only picture today, I’ll talk about this great gift idea Thaddeus came up with for me at the Flea market.

He got tired of seeing all my knitting tools and paraphernalia hanging everywhere in the house, so he bought this cool old tool chest.

Tool Chest

It has compartments for stitch holders, scissors, circular needles, measuring tapes, etc. And it has holes (originally for screw drivers, I think) that I can use to hold my non-circular needles (I rarely use the word str@ight).

Isn’t Thaddeus the best!?!?!?

Passing Lane

There’s good news, and bad news.

I worked like a maniac, and got Passing Lane completed, sewn up and ends woven in. Yay!

The bad news…I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures. Yet. I’ll try to post some tomorrow.

I love the way it came out, and I think the editor from Unicorn will too. Cross your fingers for me.

Rebekah II

In addition to finishing Passing Lane, I also finished sewing up the original Rebekah sweater, and I got a few inches done on the body of Rebekah II. But again, I don’t have a picture of either garment yet.

I’m going to be working on Rebekah this week, until I head to Atlantic City. I’m not sure I can finish it in time, but at least I can show the editor the completed version in cotton yarn, and the version in progress with his yarn.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

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