Passing Lane Collar

Political Debate

When did it become more important for a candidate for public office to have witty repartee in a debate than it was to have credentials, or experience or leadership abilities?

California Recall
I branch out for a little bit in this one section of today’s blog to wonder publicly how the political debate process got so twisted.

It seems the media, and the American public now assess their candidates on how well they sniped at their competitors in debates.

While I’m glad I don’t live in California, because I think the concept of a recall based on popularity doesn’t have a place in a democracy, the problem of sarcastic barbs making a candidate more qualified is nationwide in this country.

Did it start with the Vice Presidential debate where Quayle got slammed when he tried to compare himself to JFK, or has it been going on forever in politics. Regardless of when it started, I will be happy when slugfests, like the carnival they called a debate in California are over, and candidates debate the true issues.

Passing Lane
Here’s the pictures I promised yesterday of Passing Lane. I’ll have a gallery of me modeling the garment later sometime, but for now, these will have to do.

Passing Lane Done

Here’s one the show’s a closeup of the collar and the patterned rib stitch I used.

Passing Lane Collar

I wore it to work today, even though it was knit for someone larger than me, and it’s not really a great color for me either. This sweater is VERY warm, and very comfortable. A perfect ski lodge sweater.

Rebekah Sweaters
First of all, the finished Rebekah sweater (as promised). This is the one done in cotton and Trendsetter Flora on the trim.

Rebekah Sweater 09-30-03

Now for the progress picture on Rebekah II. I’ve completed the bottom up to the sleeve holes, and the back and back collar. I’ve started knitting the front as well.

Rebekah II 09-30-03

While I’m moving along very quickly on this one, I don’t think it will be complete by the time I get to Stitches. But I’ll still be able to give a good idea to the editor of what it will look like.

Reader Comments and Questions
Debi asks, “Are you a continental knitter or an English knitter?”

It’s actually not a silly question at all, and I’m not really either. When I first taught myself to knit, I had seen most American knitters throw the yarn, but I taught myself by reading an English knitting pattern book.

I ended up with a combination of both styles. I hold the yarn in my left hand, as an English-style knitter would, but I throw the yarn, as a continental-style knitter would. In other words, I don’t hold it up and pick it with the right needle, I wrap it.

It’s not a unique style, as I’ve met others that knit that way. And like Debi, I think there is no wrong way to knit as long as it gets the job done. Also like Debi, my knitting is very even.

Peter asks why I keep a box of tissues in my knitting tool box next to my TV chair.

Actually, tissues are clearly just a fantasy that Peter conjured up in his own dirty little mind. Perhaps because he keeps a box handy by his bedside himself?…hmmm?

The box I assume he mistook for tissues is actually the box that the Weavette is in, that I discussed in prior blog entries.

Keep those lecherous questions coming πŸ™‚

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