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World Wide Web

It’s always nice to be reminded, blog writing does go out to a world-wide audience

Web Lesson

For those of you who have never created a web site with a “Counter” feature (the box in the right column of my page that tallies the number of hits my site gets), some of the counter softwares provide additional features.

For example, my counter software lets me look at not only the number of hits to the site, but also where those hits come from. So for instance if someone like Wendy puts a link to my site on her blog, anyone that clicks on that link will show up as originating from

International Blog Mention

Yesterday, I was browsing through my counter software, and I noticed a hit from the following link:

Since the blog was in a foreign language (sadly, I don’t even recognize the language), I did a search for Queer on it, and here’s what it said:

Foreign Blog

It was posted by Henry, but other than that, I couldn’t begin to tell you what he says about me (I’m assuming Henry is a man’s name in that country too). I’d go to the Babel Fish website to try to translate if I even knew the language.

Anyone care to tell me if Henry hates me or likes me?

Knitting Progress

Today’s entry is a short one.

I got no knitting done last night or this morning, so there’s no progress. Instead I had 90 minutes of pure, unadulterated indulgence last night.

Massage Therapy

I also haven’t had the opportunity to do the gallery pictures of Passing Lane.

Readers Comments/Questions

Rachael asks “You must be tired of people telling you “It’d be faster if you learned to pick the yarn.””

I have to say, in all my years of knitting, I have never had anyone tell me that I should change how I knit. Honestly, I think it’s because I’m a man, and whereas knitters have the nerve to tell a woman she should change how she does her knitting, they don’t have the same gall with a man.

At least that’s my theory.

And for me, speed isn’t the goal. It’s enjoyment. I knit at a decent speed, and I turn out sweaters pretty quickly because of the time I allocate to my obsession, but I’m not concerned about increasing my speed.

Barb asks if anyone knows of a decent synthetic worsted weight besides Canadiana?

Canadiana is a pretty inexpensive option at under US$4.00 for 100 grams/228 yards. Especially since my favorite synthetic that I’ve used is Plymouth Encore. It’s not completely synthetic (75% acrylic, 25% wool), and there are a bazillion colors to choose from. It retails for just under US$5.00 for 100 grams/200 yards. Folks tell me it wears like iron, and there are lots of sources on the web to order it.

Sorry, that answer probably doesn’t help at all, and I loved the story of your Great-Granny.

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