Stitches East the Sequel

Post Stitches Let Down

After all the last minute hectic knitting getting ready for Stitches, and then the exuberance of the actual event, I’ve cut way back on my knitting this week.

One Last Stitches Blog Entry

I didn’t want to sound conceited in my post about Stitches yesterday, but something else happened to me while I was in Atlantic City.

The picture is awful, and it makes me looking like a crazed beauty queen, but yes, Bert Parks did crown me Ms. America while I was there.

Me and Bert Parks

Current Project

I know I have to finish Rebekah II (the body’s done, but I still have to do the sleeves). I also have a lot of projects in progress, such as the Hemp sweater from Lana Knits and the Alpaca Bedspread/Grave blanket. I also have to get my ass in gear with the baby item for my friend Janis.

I just couldn’t stand to face any of those projects, so I brought a sock project with me this week.

Regia Striped Sock 10-07-03

It’s simple, and mindless, and I’m enjoying the colors.

NJ Ride for AIDS

Thanks to the generosity of many of the readers here, Karen was able to almost reach her goal by contributing about $1,300 to the AIDS charities.

Congratulations to her great work and thank you all for letting me ask for your help.

Reader Comments/Questions

Geane asks what I mean when I say she was exactly as I had expected her to be.

I forget sometimes that my feelings for people aren’t obvious to readers. In my opinion, Geane’s blog is written in a very casual, smart and easy-to-read manner. She comes across as very personable and witty.

She turned out to be all of those things, or at least that’s how I assessed it in our brief meeting and conversation.

Richard offered a web source for Bergere de France for Barb who asked about inexpensive, good quality synthetic yarn. He wasn’t sure if he was breaking a rule by doing it.

Not at all. If I find folks are leaving spam in their comments, I will delete it. I considered Richard’s comment helpful and responsive to Barb’s inquiry. Not spam at all.

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