Log Jam

Log Jam

I have so many things I want to start. I have very little energy.

Knitting Plan

I’ve decided I need to focus on two things with regard to my knitting:

1. Start working on the Janis project

2. Do the second child’s sweater for the neighbor girl Rebekah

The first on sucks because it’s secret and I can’t disply my progress here. Fortunately, it’s baby size, so it will go quickly, and once I give it to Janis, I can show off my handiwork.

The second one should also move quickly, but I’m not sure what I should do with the yarn. It a three ply, cotton yarn with festive colors. I’m thinking about doing a very simple cardigan. Perhaps even raglan sleeved. Maybe top-down.

Other Projects

The mandatory projects won’t be overly satisfying for me, so I know I will need a couple of other things to work on as well.

I plan on starting the Ron Schweitzer Fair Isle design I got at stitches.


I was fortunate enough to meet Ron at Stitches, and he is a very sweet man. We had a lengthy conversation about how he started designing for Yarns International, and how he can be so prolific with such complex and time-consuming knit designs. The answer in short is, he just does it.

He’s also very artsy, in that he finds inspiration for his designs everywhere he goes. Since many of his Fair Isle patterns are very exact, I was thinking he was perhaps a more logical man than creative. I was wrong.

In addition to the Fair Isle vest, I plan on working on socks as well. The striped Regia sock I was making is turning out way bigger than I wanted. I’m going to have to unravel the entire sock and start again.

I think I’ll work on some different yarn instead for my sock project.

NJ Ride for AIDS

I got an extremely nice e-mail from Karen, thanking you all for helping her raise money. She went on to say that the ride was the most difficult and life-altering things she’s ever done. It made me glad that I had helped in a small way, so I wanted to pass those thanks on to you, as well

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