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I started a sock. I stopped a sock. I started the Janis project. I stopped the Janis project. I went to start the Fair Isle. I didn’t have the pattern.

Sock Knitting

I challenged Lisa to a speed knitting contest. Suffice it to say, she’s winning (or has won, if she’s finished already).

I ripped out the striped sock. It was too wide. I can’t imagine I forgot how many stitches to use for my foot, but it was way off.

I started a different Regia yarn, and messed up the toe. I threw it down in disgust.

I restarted a new sock in Regia, and while I’m not liking the colorway too much, I’m finding the knitting satisfying nonetheless.

Regia Sock 10-12-03

Ronas Hill Fair Isle

I figured I might as well start this beautiful vest so I could at least show some picture of knitting progress. I realized I didn’t have a pattern in the so-called “kit”. I called Yarns International and I was told that the pattern is in a book, and no one told me I needed to buy the book separately. Christ…$194 for a vest pattern, and I have to pay for the book separately.

The book is winging it’s way here now (hopefully).


I did get to use my new Weavette this weekend with some coned, cotton yarns. I experimented with two different colors on each of these 5″ squares.

Woven Cloth

I was quite pleased with the result.

Janis Project

I found a prototype pattern for one part of this project, and started work on it. I’m not overly happy with how it’s starting. I may have to rip out a few hours work.

I may just decide to try to salvage it, but I’m not sure yet.

Knitting Magazines

I found both Vogue Knitting and Family Circle Easy Knitting in the grocery store yesterday. Of course I had to buy both.

New Magazines

Of the two, I found that Vogue Knitting was worth the purchase price of $5.99, and Family Circle Easy Knitting wasn’t (same price).

VK has a great zippered jacket done in a honeycomb pattern using a Filatura di Crosa yarn. Designed by Rosemary Drysdale, the design is quite nice. Valentina Devine has two items with amazing color combinations. I’m not fond of the garments, but I love the colors.

Norah Gaughan has a beautifully sophisticated jacket done in mitered squares. I would never knit it, but it’s quite well designed.

Finally, VK had a small article on Knitting Blogs. No surprise that QueerJoe’s blog wasn’t

mentioned…lol. Sorry Marilyn, yours is a little too controversial too, I think.

Two of my favorites were mentioned, however. Congratulations to Wendy and Ivete.

FCEK had a good article on mosaic knitting. They showed how combining certain colors in a mosaic knit blanket could make for interesting differences in the overall look of the fabric.

Believe it or not, I also like a crochet coat designed by Lily Chin. It has some interesting cross-stitch-like graphics at the bottom hem. Probably one of my favorite designs I’ve see by Lily.

Other than those two pieces of the magazine, it was pretty ghastly.

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