Regia Sock 10-15-03

Knitting Competition

Now that I might have regained my lost knitting time in the Lisa Sock Competition, I don’t feel so bad about starting a different sock and ripping out the old one.

Sock Knitting Competition

So Lisa, do you think your socks will be done by the time I see you on Sunday? I’d like to say that mine will, but I’m honestly not sure. It will highly depend on whether I pick up another project when I get home because of boredom with this sock yarn color

But you’ll notice I did get a couple of inches done on the cuff of the first one last night.

Regia Sock 10-15-03

Short Blog Entry

Work is keeping me extremely busy right now, so today’s blog entry will be short.

Reader Comments/Questions

Regarding some of the comments on wraps and stoles and shawls.

I’m not against them, and I honestly wasn’t thinking about folks like Lisa who could get away with wearing anything because she has the looks and the attitude to pull it off. It’s just that most of the folks I knit for wouldn’t have a lot of opportunity to wear one. Most of them I think would prefer a sweater, which to me is just about as much work.

Charlotte asked the question I had been hoping to avoid. She asks, “What was the outcome of your meeting with the publishers at Stitches”.

It was a very favorable meeting. They decided they wanted to publish FiestaWear and an older design that I had made for my sister if you’ve been reading that long.

However, I’ve since decided that I can’t rightfully associate myself with other fiber businesses because I sometimes trash their customer base, or cause other controversy that I don’t think they should have to answer for.

I’ve decided that if I want to design a publishable garment, I won’t discuss it on-line. Conversely, I won’t be publishing any designs I discuss in this blog.

That being said, I don’t know what I’ll do with the designs. A friend is considering publishing an on-line knitting magazine for a subscription fee, so I may donate the patterns to her. I’ll also consider self-publishing the designs via the web (but I doubt it…too much work).

Suffice to say, I will be putting my designs out in into the public in some fashion. I’m just not sure how yet.

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