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Sweater Weather

With each week that I drive my sorry ass up to Albany, NY, it gets colder and colder.

Of Two Minds

On the one hand, I’m glad to be able to get to wear the dozens of sweaters in my armoire. After my recent family visit, I was able to give away 5 sweaters to my two sisters, so I figured it would make room, but it didn’t really even make a dent.

On the other hand, I hate the cold weather, and I hate the shorter days. Every year my “short day funk” gets worse and worse.

Practically No Knitting Night

Last night I was a little busy with some errands I needed to run.

My first errand was to get something to eat, which is pretty standard. But I also wanted to go out and buy the screenplay for the play I just saw this past weekend, and the book on which the play was derived.

Anna In The Tropics

“Anna In The Tropics” is the name of the play, by Nilo Cruz, and it won the Pulitzer. Some of the dialogue in the play is from “Anna Karenina” by Tolstoy, as read by one of the characters in the play.

Oftentimes when I’m moved by seeing a play, I will buy the book, so I can experience it from a different perspective. This time, I bought both the play and “Anna Karenina”, which I have never read.

I’m looking forward to reading both.

When I got home, I got caught up with chatting with folks on-line, and I knit about 4 rounds on the Regia Sock.

Regia Sock 10-21-03

I’ve decided I will keep a pair of socks on the needles for the entire time I’m knitting Ronas Hill, because I enjoy the mindless, chartless knitting of a simple sock juxtaposed with the more complex, attention-required knitting of Fair Isle (I’m clearly not like Wendy).

Another Hot Looking Murderer

I forgot to mention a number of weeks ago, there was a prisoner in jail in Pennsylvania for murder who escaped using 27 bedsheets.

Hugo Selenski

I don’t know what it is, but these murder-boys are hot.

Reader Comments/Questions

First of all, thanks for your nice comments on Thaddeus and I…ain’t he a looker? I just loved my 70’s hair-don’t in that picture, and I’m glad I haven’t been that thin since I was 25.

Janet mentioned she wore a mitered square pullover done in Silk Garden that I had designed, and got tons of compliments.

silk garden

I love that sweater, and the best part is that the yarn does all the work. The colors in Noro Silk Garden are luxuriously beautiful, and I’m thrilled such a simple, easy to knit design came out so classically beautiful.

Finally I forgot to answer Cat with her question about whether I’m a crossword puzzle fan.

I like crossword puzzles, but I’m not one of those that does them in ink (unless I can only find a pen), and I don’t know all those clever little four letter, filler words, like etui.

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