10 Ways to Piss Off a Knitter

Today I present to you my top ten list of ways to piss off a knitter:

10. Ask a knitter you don’t know well, how much it would cost to have a Kaffe Fasset design knit for you.

9. Say to a knitter, “Gee, it’s nice that you can save so much money on sweaters by making your own.”

8. Send a box full of your knitting spouse’s sweaters to Good Will.

7. Tell the Good Will attendant to make the charitable receipt out for $10.

6. Talk to a knitter incessantly while they try to keep track of a complex pattern requiring counting.

5. Ask a knitter to make you a cashmere sweater in plain stockinette, just like the one you saw on sale for $75 in the department store.

4. Give a handful of birch double point sock needles to the kids to use as pick-up sticks to keep them busy.

3. Remove the birch double point sock needles from a sock in progress to use them as shish-kebab skewers.

2. Show a knitter the hole in the heal of a sock you’re wearing and ask them if they could fix it for you.

and the number 1 way to piss off a knitter:

1. Use the heirloom lace baby blanket she knit for your first born as a rag to clean up bleach spills around your laundry room.

Knitting Progress

Another night of practically no knitting. I did perhaps an inch on the second sock. Not even enough to take a picture of it.

I did dream incessantly about resuming knitting on the Ronas Hill sweater tonight when I get home.

Reader Comments/Questions

Liz mentioned that she’d love to see me make some of my designs available via the web.

I’m still not sure how I will get these designs to my adoring public. But seriously, I doubt that I will make them available as individual patterns because even if I charged $5 per pattern, and sold 100 of them (which isn’t likely), it still wouldn’t be worth the effort of setting it all up.

I will either give them to a web site that would appreciate them, and be able to make some money off them themselves, or I will give them to my local yarn store so they can sell kits and give the pattern for free with the purchase of the yarn (like the Koigu scarves I’ve designed). Either way, I’ll let you know, so if you want them, you’ll know where to get them.

Danny asks what color Silk Garden I used in the mitered square pullover.

You are correct (if memory serves), it is done in color #39.

Gail asks if I will publish an RSS feed of my blog, so that the folks at Livejournal can be more up-to-date on when I publish.

I added some RSS tags to my site that I got using www.blogmatrix.com (which is the site you’re currently using). I’m hopeful that by registering with them, and putting blogmatrix tags in my site, the feed will be more timely. If that doesn’t work, I’ll need to wait till BlogSpot adds RSS functionality to my level of service. Just so you know, I even looked into upgrading to BloggerPro, but they aren’t taking any more upgrade since all functionality will eventually be in the standard package.

Let me know if the new HTML tags help with blogmatrix’s RSS feed.

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