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Happily Knitting

I know, I know…what fun is it when everything is going well?

Knitting Progress

I did pick up Ronas Hill as soon as I got home on Thursday night, and I’ve been working on that primarily since I’ve been home. So far, I’ve finished the ribbing at the bottom and gotten the first couple of rows done.

Ronas Hill 10-25-03

Now that I’m up to almost 400 stitches in total, and having to follow the chart, it will move along even more slowly. But it is only knitting now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at the two-handed stranding technique.

As with intarsia knitting, I weave in my ends as I go along, even though I could hide ends pretty easily in the steek and button band finishing. I’m also weaving in the floats every fourth stitch, so the floats will never be longer than 3 stitches wide in the back.

Finally, when I steek, I alternate the dark and the light color yarn each row to give a checkerboard effect (you’ll also notice that I’m using one of Janis’ stitch markers she made for me).

Ronas Hill Steek

I read somewhere that this makes for a more stable steek after it’s been cut (was that on Wendy’s blog?)

Yarn Store Purchases

Before I could start on the body of Ronas Hill, I had to get a circular US4 needle. I’m still amazed I couldn’t find one stinking US4 circular in this entire house, but alas, I couldn’t.

I’m kinda glad I had to stop at my LYS. They had the most recent Rowan book, which is their 25th anniversary issue.

Rowan Book 34

I’ve already read it cover to cover, and I like a lot of the designs in it. The Brandon Mably and Kaffe Fassett designs are beautiful, and I may even decide to make another Kaffe design sometime in my future. His new Argyle one is a very possible candidate.

Regia Sock Knitting

I did some work on the second Regia sock as well. It still provides a little bit of respite from the Fair Isle knitting.

I should have a full pair in a week or so at this pace. Not too bad.

Reader Comments/Questions

First of all, I knew y’all would have lots of good “Ways to piss off a knitter”…I liked many of them better than mine.

Sean asks/says “your honeybun didn’t give away your sweaters to goodwill! no!!!! me? i’m starting to look for suitable sweater patterns to make my first one!!”

(have I mentioned how much I love Sean’s Blog?…his is the only one I MUST read daily)

No, Sean, Thaddeus would never give my sweaters to goodwill. He knows better. In fact, it’s Thaddeus’ job to to say “Joe designed and made that sweater” whenever someone compliments a sweater I’m wearing. That way I can act all humble, even though I’m proud as a peacock.

Danny Ouellette gave suggestions on how to self publish designs.

Given that Danny is a brilliant designer himself (I will always love his Headhugger Hat pattern), I appreciate his guidance. I may just decide to do exactly as he describes, but it won’t be in the immediate future.

Jennifer chides me for not taking “pissed off” moments as opportunities for education.

Actually, the list was for fun, and not meant to berate folks. And no, Kathy, this will NOT become like the Newcomer Rules debacle, thank you very much. If any of you got past the comment that Jennifer left and checked out her web site, she has an AWESOME quilt that she displays on her sofa. The colors are amazing.

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