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I digress a little in today’s rant on political happenings and the reaction to them. There’s also some knitting in here.

Gay Marriage

First of all, most folks that aren’t at least somewhat sympathetic to the lesbi-gay cause probably wouldn’t be reading a blog called QueerJoe. So I acknowledge up front that I’m preaching to the choir.

With the recent decision by the Supreme Court in Massachusetts to allow gay marriages, there has been a huge backlash from the right wing folks and even the centrist folks on this issue.

I have always felt that the laws in this country are highly discriminatory towards the GLBT community. A couple of examples are:

1. If I were married and died tomorrow, my wife would be the beneficiary of my pension benefit. In reality, if I die tomorrow, my pension is forfeited and Thaddeus wouldn’t see a penny of it.

2. If I were married and died tomorrow, my wife would own our house and joint assets without any tax. In reality, if I die tomorrow, the a portion of the value of the house that Thaddeus and I own together would be considered taxable inheritance to him.

I won’t even get into the policies such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” because the discrimination factor is relatively obvious (I think).

Now the right wing is scrambling to do anything possible to keep discrimination in place.

In truth, even if a constitutional amendment is put in place to declare marriage as a strictly hetero activity, my life won’t be horribly affected. Yes, I will get less money and benefits from the government…yes, I’ll have to pay more taxes than straight people, but none of the consequences are earth-shattering.

The fact of the matter is, the rules currently in place, are just plain wrong, and should be changed. I know the knee-jerk reaction makes gay marriage sound like a horrible corruption to a sacred event to some people. But for anyone who truly understands how gays and lesbians are treated in the law, they clearly recognized how much discrimination is present.

Back to Knitting

I’ve completed another pattern repeat on Ronas Hill and I’ve started the sleeve steeks and shaping. From here, it should move a little more quickly. I am very excited about wearing this sweater.

Ronas Hill 11-27-03 Closeup

This is also the part where I have to modify the pattern, so it will require some thought as I shape the armholes. Unfortunately, the stitch counts in the written pattern will not match for the remainder of the sweater.

Readers Comments/Questions

Catherine in Melbourne sent me the following cyber quiz that she (and I) thought was very appropriate for me.


It’s a quiz to guess if pictures are mass murderers or computer programmers. I got 7 out of 10 correct.

I hope everyone in the states had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.

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