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Hate vs. Love

I haven’t studied it, but it seems the blog topics of “I hate” vs. the topics of “I love” get a helluva lot more interesting comments from readers.

Hating Homespun

Just a few comments.

1. I love what Carol S. wrote about natural yarns versus acrylics (especially Lion Brand Homespun). There are some great wools out there for very reasonable prices, and well worth looking at, if price is the only thing keeping someone using acrylic yarns.

2. I’m grateful that Anne mentioned the possible confusion between home-spun yarns and Lion Brand Homespun. There is truly a HUGE difference.

3. I have no problem with anyone using acrylic yarns (I do myself every once in a while). The challenge for thoughtful knitters is to make best use of whatever materials we have at our disposal, and gain an understanding of how to maximize the potential of a yarn.

Ronas Hill

The plainest button seemed to work out the best, so I finally finished off Ronas Hill.

Ronas Hill 01-10-04

When I finally decide to shower and get dressed today, I’ll have Thaddeus take some pictures of me wearing it so you can see it in it’s full glory. Hopefully the sun will persist (despite the frigid temperatures we’re having), and I’ll take some natural color pictures outside.

Curse Words

The KnutList has started a thread that I find absolutely idiotic.

Some folks find the term Stitch & Bitch offensive, and others have taken it further to say that some knitting blogs are offensive because of the language they use.

I can’t imagine that ANY of the folks writing such nonsense would be reading my blog, because I have no problem using the most profane language, but maybe I should put a warning at the top of my blog for those easily offended by profanity.

I’d like to take an informal poll in the comments. What word do you find the most offensive (stick to English, please).

Other Knitting

I did a very small amount of knitting on Janis’ baby gift last night. Despite the cold temps here, I have not been overly aggressive in allocating knitting time.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Sean808080 Mentions that he’s surprised I go to JoAnn’s because of all of their acrylic.

I don’t buy yarn there (except once), because I don’t like it very much. I go for things like ribbons and fabric and rainbow boas and stuff like that. It just so happens that the night I went last week, there were a lot of people in the yarn section (a beginner crochet class was about to start) and I was chatting people up a little. I found the 10% coupon back there, so it saved me about $3 on my purchases.

Ane (was that supposed to be Anne?) asks “What is est? Was that vanilla ice cream?”

est was a self-improvement movement very popular here in the states during the 70’s and 80’s. It no longer exists, although has been replaced with a less intensive movement called the “Landmark Forum”

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