Weird Web Searches

It kind of freaks me out, and kind of makes me happy at the same time when a VERY ODD search string ends in someone checking out my site.

Stranger Web Searches

It’s bad enough when someone types in “alpaca bedding” and then clicks on my site.

I know they’re looking for some commercial bedspread made out of alpaca, and are intrigued by my site name. Or they’re gay themselves, or “curious” and want to know what this QueerJoe thing is all about.

But here are some real odd search strings that have landed folks on my blog:

– worn gay auction underwear

– cum rags

– old gay men

– sheep fucking

– catholic knitters

– knitted penis

– queer socks

– free knitted washcloth pattern

Is Attention Deficit Disorder getting more and more prevalent, such that folks using search engines forget what they were originally searching for and go to a knitting blog by accident?

Janis’ Baby Gift

This is very odd.

It seemed I didn’t focus a lot of attention on the first part of Janis’ baby gift, and it was done in no time. The second part, I find myself working on incessantly, and getting nowhere…well, not nowhere, but nowhere near as far as I thought I would.

But, the second part is coming out very well, and will look incredible with the first part. I don’t remember when I’ve been quite so excited about a project.

Work Woes

Work this week has been hectic, and although I’ve had plenty of time to knit, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog. Today’s entry is going to be cut a little shorter than usual.

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