Other Less-Than-Wierd Searches

After the other day’s post, I thought I could at least give a fair and balanced view of web searches by discussing some of the more normal searches that reach my site.

Non-Strange Web Searches

One of the things I realized when looking at my web searches, is that there are a lot of knitters looking for knitting tips, techniques and free or for-purchase patterns.

I wish sometimes I could identify who these searchers are so I could point them in the right direction, because I know that I don’t have all the information they need on my web site.

Here are some examples:

– fair isle hat beanie free pattern

– double point needle patterns converted to circular needles

– knitting intarsia in the round

– washing woolen garments

– converting a crochet pattern to knitting

– how to pick up a dropped knit stitch

– beaded knitting

– non-curling stockinette stitch

One final thing I find interesting about search engine searches that end up hitting my site. After the two most popular searches (QueerJoe and Knitting Blog), “how to knit” or some variation is probably the third most popular search string that brings searchers to my site.

Janis’ Baby Gift

I’ve made significant progress on this project, and I will hopefully be working on something different starting tomorrow. Hopefully also by Tuesday I’ll be able to post photos of the gifts

Next Project

I’ve decided I will work on two projects next. This focusing on one project has been productive for me, but not overly satisfying.

I much prefer to have two projects going.

I think I’ll do the hemp pullover and the vacation sock. Both of them are relatively easy and mindless projects, but I like both projects as well, so it should work out fine.

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