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Okay, okay…a cake is done, a person is finished. I’m finished with the Janis baby gift.

Janis Baby Knitting

I spent the entire weekend completing the knitting, sewing up and weaving in ends. But I finished last night, and I’m very happy with the result.

Janis Gift Wrapped

This little package will be winging its way to New Jersey, and hopefully will be keeping little (ever growing) Marina warm when it arrives.

As soon as I’ve heard confirmation of its arrival, I will post a couple of pictures. It’s the least I can do after torturing you all with my knitting travails over the last month.

Next Project

I ended up bringing the side-to-side hemp pullover from Lanaknits.

Hemp Sweater 01-01-04

Just so you know, I’ve finished the back, and almost one of the sleeves. I still have to finish the first sleeve, and then do the front and the second sleeve.

I’m hopeful that this one will move along quickly once I remember where I was in the pattern.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Liz asks a dumb question (I love dumb questions, I ask them all the time). She wants to know how do I know what are the web searches the bring searchers to my site.

This really isn’t a dumb question (and yes, there ARE dumb questions). My counter software, provide free by GoStats provides me with a lot of interesting statistics. In addition to obviously showing the number of hits to my site, it tells me how many each day, how many return visitors, how many from each country, and most popular web search terms used.

In addition, at any point in the day, I can look to see a detail of the most recent 20 hits to my site. This section shows the IP address of the reader, how many times they’ve visited, which page they requested, and the referring site. In the referring site section, it will list specific Google, or Yahoo or MSN searches that brought the reader to my site.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention one of the most insulting search strings the gets a reader to my site:

free knitted washcloth pattern

The funny part about that search, is that it used to bring Googlers to the Cum Rag Pattern that I posted on December 19, 2002. Hopefully that will give washcloth knitters a good sense about what my site is about.

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