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Why Would You Possibly Read This Blog?

Lately, I have been reading a few of the blogs, that for whatever reason, link to mine. There are folks out there that write MUCH better than I do. I’m feeling envious and unworthy.

A Couple Other Links

You know I always post links to other folks’ blogs when I find them interesting, and I thought you might also. Lately a few of them have been REALLY good.

Marilyn always writes a great blog, so most folks that read mine have already been to hers, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless.

Then Stephanie Purl (Pearl?) started a blog, and I’ve always been entertained by her writing, especially about knitting (despite what some folks think).

I mentioned IcarusBoy’s blog a couple of times in comments, but I’ve added him as a permanent link because his Chibi talk gets me hard.

Check out this wild chick. She writes like I want to.

My Unworthy Knitting Project

Well, if my writing is so inadequate, I guess my knitting is too (now I’m really fishing for compliments).

Rebekah III

I’ve only got a little more to go on the first sleeve, but honestly, it’s not worth a picture. For those of you on dial-up, you’ll be grateful that I don’t have any pictures in today’s blog entry.

I liked the discussion on the neckline on this garment from yesterday’s comments from both Kathy and Picklejuice.

The girl for whom this garment is intended, is very feminine, and honestly, I think I could get away with making it very frilly. But I don’t think I will. I think I will simply do a wide ribbed collar that will reduce the opening, but add no more busy-ness to the sweater.

The nice thing about collars is that they can always be ripped out and re-done.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

IcarusBoy asks (and I paraphrase), how can I knit the Rebekah III sweater so quickly?

Honestly, I consider it to be moving along too slowly, so I’m glad it looks fast to some. I started this on Saturday, and I’m knitting it on US5 needles (I think). Since it’s only a little girl’s sweater, I was hoping to have it done before I left for home tomorrow.

That’s not going to happen, but I will definitely finish it by Friday.

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