Betwixt and Between

Betwixt and Between

I’m finding it difficult to settle on any one project.

Kid Alpaca Bedspread

While the yarn is amazing to work with, the working on this project is incredibly boring. I got another inch done and now I’m up to 8″ (in my dreams). But I had to put it down in exchange for something different. Anything different.

New Mini Project

I picked up a Craft Show scarf and finished one of those yesterday.

Craft Show Scarf 02-01-04

Again, my camera doesn’t really do the color justice. It’s deep plum with fluorescent orange highlights. Odd, but interesting combination of colors.

I Need to be Challenged

I was thinking I might need to pick up the Kaffe Fasset waistcoat kit in Donegal Lambswool Tweed, or start designing my own Fair Isle or do some incredibly intricate lace project.

Since my project boss is pregnant (and due in August), I thought I’d use the off-white, baby-weight, superwash, merino and try making an heirloom, lace baby blanket.

I was going to use one of the patterns in the Jan Eaton lace book, and after a few false starts, realized that this is just not the right yarn for this project.

Settled (for now)

So, I just decided to go back to my roots, and make myself a pair of underwear using the same superwash merino.

I got the ribbing on the bottom of the leg done, but no picture yet.

I figured if I can get this project done in a quick enough timeframe, I’ll be able to wear them up in Albany. If they fit well, and they’re more comfortable and warm than regular Hanes tighty-whitey’s, then I might even make myself a whole week’s worth.

I’ll have a picture of the garment in progress in my next blog entry.

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