You Thought Your Weather Sucked

Then check out our Northern neighbors.

Pictures of the Trans Labrador Highway

My current client has employees in Canada with whom I have some regular dealings, and one of them sent me about 10 pictures of this lovely site:


These are pictures of the Trans-Labrador Highway being cleared. Kind of a daunting task, and it makes me think they should just close down areas of the country the need to use that highway to get anywhere.

Now THAT’S sweater weather.

Knitted Underwear

It’s not overly challenging, because it’s all done in stockinette, and the shaping isn’t very complex…but…I am enjoying the serenity of knitting such soft yarn on such delicate, little needles. God knows Marilyn might be right that it’ll end up in the undone undies pile, but I don’t think so at the moment.

Underwear 02-03-04

Readers’ Questions/Comments

Ann and Carrie are interested in the underwear pattern. I use a very old Paton’s pattern that has expired its copyright, and so I can publish it here.

The pattern is for both short and long underwear for men.

Underpants Picture

I’ve never made the long version, but I have completed two “pairs” of the short version (why do they call them “pairs”?).

Underpants Pattern

I like Amanda the Booklady’s idea about a QueerJoe’s Official Underwear-Off. Anyone completing a pair will have to send me a picture of some man modeling them. Any takers?

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