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Knit Meet Up

Meeting with my people is always an enjoyable experience.

Knitting At Kathy’s

Kathy hosted a knitting get-together yesterday at her house which included lunch prepared by Lisa.

Food and knitting…no better combination on earth, except for perhaps sex and chocolate?

Anyway, Kathy and Lisa were obviously there. Nadine, Liza, Claudia and Andrea were the other participants at this little shindig. Unfortunately, Marilyn had some back problems, and couldn’t make it.

I brought my underwear-in-progress, much to the boredom of the other guests (it’s a simple piece of stockinette fabric with ribbing). Kathy showed us some awesome color samples of a cool crochet item she’s working on. Liza was working on a wonderful old Kaffe design, plus she brought a boat-load of novelty yarns so folks could play with yarns.

Lisa worked a little a very cool black with white pinstripe ribbon yarn that Liza brought. It knit up very cool in simple garter. Nadine was working on an amazing scribble lace scarf that used a very fine black background (of Rowan Kid Silk Haze) with bright crayon colored thick yarn that stood out brightly. Hard to describe, but very cool looking nonetheless.

Claudia brought a quilt that she had finished piecing which was beyond belief beautiful, so I won’t even try to describe it, and Andrea was wearing a great combination novelty yarn wrap and a novelty yarn scarf in great bold colors. She was working on a new cotton sweater as well.

Food was very satisfying as well. All-in-all, it was a very well spent Sunday afternoon.

Blog Poll Results

First of all, I have to credit Wendy for my Friday poll on underwear. While I was planning on doing the poll through readers’ comments, when I saw Wendy’s poll she set up on freepolls.com, I thought it would be much more interesting.

Thanks Wendy.

Also, the results are as follows:

Total Respondents (as of this morning): 80

Boxer Wearers: 20%

Boxer Brief/Brief Wearers: 62%

Don’t Wear Underwear: 9%

Other: 9% (one of the 7 “others” mentioned women’s bikini briefs)

Of those wearing boxers:

81% Use the fly to pee

19% Don’t

Of those wearing boxer-briefs or briefs:

18% Use the fly to pee

82% Don’t

Since I’m making a rendition of boxer briefs, and the fly will be buttoned, I can guarantee that the fly will not be used.

Thank you all for the input. I hope the results are interesting.

Knitting Progress

I did finish the left side of the briefs this past weekend. God, I thought the ribbing was going to kill me.

Knitted Underwear 02-09-04

You’ll see that I’m also almost done with the bottom ribbing on the right side of the briefs.

And for those anti-white underwear boys who read this, I just want you to know that the color is light oatmeal, not white.

Readers’ Questions/Comments

Jo in Boston asks if Gage is a flame point Siamese.

Yes, I’m pretty certain he is. He has all the physical characteristics of one, and acts exactly like a Siamese cat. Unfortunately one of those characteristics is a constant desire to eat yarn.

Since eating yarn can be deadly for cats (and almost was for Gage early on in his ownership of us), I have to store/hide all my yarn from him.

For those of you who question why bother putting a fly on boxer-briefs or briefs, I couldn’t answer that. I find the fly to be more annoying than anything else. A center seam would accentuate the look of the package better anyway.

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