Soy en Cancun

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.


Vacation has been just about perfect. I could list the three imperfections, but it wouldn´t be useful.

Suffice it to say, the weather is perfect, the hotel is as close to perfect as it comes and Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches I´ve ever been to. Thaddeus and I are having a great time and eating like pigs (as per usual).

In fact, we just had one of the most amazing meals at a very “locals” restaurant. We had a HUGE meal for about US$20 (propina not included).


I finished all of the knitting on the underwear, although I haven´t put them together yet. I plan on doing that before I leave for home, but I´m not sure.

At least I´ll look tan and dark when I model the garment.

I also started the second “Vaction Sock”. The first one was started two years ago (I think…maybe only last year) and I´ve just started the toe on the second one (toe up with a short row heel).


Carol S. wants to know who´s taking care of Gage.

Nancy the local vetinarian technician takes care of pets in their homes while local folks are on vacation. She comes highly recommended, and if Thaddeus likes her, she must be good.

CT Karen wants to know how I got the knitting needles on the plane.

I´m hoping this is a joke question or that CT Karen doesn´t read my blog much. For those really wanting to know, I didn´t knit on the plane (nor did I take needles on board).

See you all again on Saturday.

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