Joe Hotel Lobby 1

Mission Accomplished!

Even on vacation I set goals for myself, and I am happy to say, all goals I set for myself this year were completed. Fat, tanned and underwear completed.

Above is a photo of me just before checking out of the hotel on Friday.

If you ever go to Cancun, and you like authentic Mexican food, and you’re not afraid to drink local water, and you’re comfortable going to places that speak very little English, let me know. Over the years, Thaddeus and I have found a few very good restaurants.

Since they are mostly patronized by locals, they are also very inexpensive.

On the other hand, the hotel we stay at is completely for tourists…and mostly American.

Here’s a picture of our hotel room (suite). It was taken from the balcony looking into the living room and through the French Doors into the bedroom.

Hotel Room 2

And here’s a picture of our view of the ocean from the ninth floor.

Hotel View 2

If you see the little Tiki huts on the beach, you can see where I sat my lazy ass every day until lunch time.

As mentioned in my vacation blog entry, I was able to finish all the knitting on the underwear. I also completed the assembly while still in Cancun.

Knitted Underwear Done

When I got home, I found some appropriate buttons in my stash, and sewed them on as well.

Here are the two shots of me modeling the underwear (as promised).

Underwear Joe Front 6

Body Parts - Underwear Joe Front

While it’s not obvious from the picture, I will need to sew in some elastic on the waist band. the ribbing just doesn’t provide enough elasticity to keep them up comfortably.

Other Knitting
After I finished the underwear, I worked on the vacation sock (second of two). I only completed about 3 inches of the foot so far. It’s very fine gauge (80 stitches around the foot on US1 neeedles).

I got bored with the sock, so now that I’m home, I decided to take up the challenge of finishing Rebekah II. While knitting two sleeves seemed simple enough, trying to remember which stitch patterns I used and recalculating gauge and determining lenght, all made for a little bit of a challenge.

I finished knitting the first sleeve, and I’ll work on the second one more today. I’m not sure what project I’ll bring to Albany this week.

Readers’ Comments/Questions
I just wanted to thank Carol S. for keeping the blog readers amused with her funny anti-amendment slogans, and her dry commentary on the boring topic of airplane knitting.

Not only would I buy some of those t-shirts, I’d help to market them.

Thanks again.

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  1. Love the pattern for the underpants. I have been looking for a pattern for this for my husband for ages. I am planning on making them, but with a long leg for the winter in a merino/alpaca mix.
    You looked awesome in them too, I hope you know.

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