Zachary Blanket


Nothing is so welcoming to a knitter as appreciation for a gift.

Zachary Blanket

A while ago, some of you may remember I knit a quick blanket for a coworker’s new baby boy, Zachary.

I used a blue acrylic I had in my stash, and I knit a simple King Charles Brocade (which transformed into a different stitch for the center panel and then back to the classic KCB).

The parents were thrilled with the gift back when I gave it to them, but I just got a follow-up note from them with the following section:

“I thought you would want to know that Zach still sleeps every night with the blue blanket you made for him. He loves it. Whenever we lay him in the crib we drape it over him and he immediately pulls it up over his face and usually falls asleep that way.”

I’ve been feeling more emotional lately (I think I’m getting my period or something), and his note actually brought a tear to my eye.

Albany Knitting

I had a massage scheduled for last night (it was wonderful and sorely needed…even after a week of vacation), so I didn’t do much knitting.

I did some work on the vacation sock, and I can at least show a picture.

acation Sock 03-02-04

Tonight, I have a meeting scheduled, and then Wednesday night my boss is supposed to be in Albany, and we’ll probably get together for dinner. I’m hoping to be able to get some knitting done in between all these pesky work responsibilities.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Kathy asks what’s up with mole sauce?

For me, putting chocolate and beer into a sauce seems odd, but I guess no more odd than putting ground up chile peppers into ground beef. The chocolate seems to give the sauce a very rich texture and flaver, but I don’t taste the chocolate without the sweetness. In my opinion, a mole is just a nicely flavored, rich sauce perfect for chicken.

Marilyn wants to know where the euphemism “cackies” comes from.

I simply quoted Aubergine’s question. I’ll let him explain the derivation of cackies (presumably meant to signify balls, stones, jewels, cojones, testicles, etc.)

I just want to note that while Lisa claims my birthday is the same as her father’s, she definitely DOESN’T say it was the same year. I just didn’t want folks to think I was old enough to be her father.

After a couple of requests, I decided to post a list of my favorite Cancun Restaurants. Click here to see it if you’re interested.

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