Winter 2004

Tired of Winter

From the first cold day of this Winter, I wasn’t pleased. You can imagine how I’m feeling today.

Day Before Spring

Today’s weather brought another few inches of the ugly stuff.

I am just so tired of cold, windy days with snow, slush, sleet and road salt. My car is a mess, every driver is an asshole (including me), and I just want nice sunny weather to take over.

Customer Complaints

As always, it was interesting to read all of your comments on this.

I still think something as extensive as the KnitList is a bad place to post yarn store complaints. Or more accurately, a bad place to try to form an opinion of a yarn store.

I would venture to say that I’m highly dissimilar than at least 95% of the KnitList folks, and my ideas about yarn stores would be much different from most of theirs.

Can you imagine taking the word of Gloria Marie (for those old time listers that remember her) on how good or bad a yarn store was?

Current Knitting

I told you the body of the Morehouse Raglan is done.

Moorehouse Raglan 03-18-04

Since I wanted the bottom edge to have a lot of stretch, I didn’t want to do a standard cast-off (mine are always too tight). So I bound off using the Kitchener-like stitch. It took a long time, but I’m glad I did it.

I have also started on the first sleeve, although you can’t tell in the picture.

Next Project

You’ll see I haven’t gotten much done on the Shannon baby blanket.

Shannon Baby Blanket 03-18-04

It is possible to start to see the eyelets in this useless little picture.

I compared my blanket with the other woman I’m working with. She’s doing regular yarn-overs, and I’m doing reverse yarn-overs. I’m not sure if that’s the only difference between our knitting, but her blanket has a horizontal knit ridge above each of the eyelets, and mine doesn’t.

So it appears the reverse yarn-over does make a difference.

Don’t get me wrong, her blanket looks lovely.

I loved someone’s quote about making the same mistake consistently on a pattern makes it a design feature.

Readers Comments/Questions

Apologies to Beth for writing a blog entry about yarn store complaints on the day she wrote a vent about a store that locks their bathroom to prevent theft.

I think I explained that it wasn’t her story at all that prompted my blog entry.

Kerry described the letter I was disparaging about a woman who was annoyed that a yarn store charged 50 cents over retail for most skeins of yarn. I totally agree with both Kerry’s and Carol S.’s comments on that issue.

Calling Miss Cleo indeed.

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