Chock-a-Block Cardigan Done 4

Slow Knitting Weekend

Despite going to the yarn store, meeting Janis and Marina, knitting the first sleeve on Morehouse and doing more work on the baby blanket, I didn’t feel like I got a lot done this weekend.

Yarn Store

I got to see my knitting friend Janis and her little beauty, Marina. Marina has grown into the sweater and leggings a little more, and they looked very cute on her.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a very good picture of all of us wearing different generations of chock-a-blocks…all three came out very blurry. Here’s the best one.

Chock a Block Family

Janis is wearing the original Chock-a-Block cardigan, I’m in FiestaWear and of course Marina is in baby FiestaWear.

Current Knitting

As mentioned above, I finished the first sleeve on the Morehouse raglan. I have to admit having tried the sweater on a number of times, and the warmth and the softness is almost decadent.

Moorehouse Raglan 03-21-04

I’m hoping to finish the last sleeve and the collar this week in Albany.

Next Project

I was able to get the first row of blocks done on the baby blanket, and I’m enjoying the pattern very much.

Shannon Baby Blanket 03-21-04

I enjoy working the blanket in between working on the sweater. The difference in textures, and needle sizes make for an interesting mix of projects.

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