Relationship Wisdom Thaddeus and Joe Cape May NJ 1984


a : ardent affection : LOVE

b : a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept

c : sexual desire

Passion for Knitting

Reader Tom asked me to describe my “passion for knitting” and I realized I had never really given much thought to the word “passion”.

In Merriam Webster’s definition above, definition “b” clearly describes my concepts of passion when it comes to knitting. I clearly have a strong liking and desire to knit. I am VERY devoted to knitting, both in my own activities, as well as promoting the hobby.

It still fascinates me that I can create fabric from yarn. With an in-depth understanding of the kind of fabric that different types of yarns create, and a growing understanding of color and design, the process of knitting provides infinite possibilities for me.

My knitting blog allows me to demonstrate my devotion and to promote the craft.

Blog Direction

From the beginning, I have wanted to have my site to log my knitting progress and completed projects. I think I accomplish that very well.

I want to help inspire other knitters or would-be knitters with my enthusiasm and encouragement. I sometimes succeed at that.

I’ve also wanted to be a useful resource for knitters that would give knitting techniques and tips. I’ve done some of that, but I wish I could provide a lot more in that area. I’m hopeful that I will be able to dedicate a little more time to adding tutorials, or resource lists, or design ideas.

Finally, I’d like my blog to advocate for something I believe in. Wendy has her animal shelter causes, and others use their blog to promote other worthy causes. I didn’t initially think enough folks would read my blog to be able to have much of an impact. I’m rethinking that now, and I expect to start including some form of charity project in the near future.

Current Knitting

I continued to make the second sleeve of the Morehouse Raglan longer than yesterday.

Moorehouse Raglan 03-24-04

You’ll see I don’t have that much more to do.

Moorehouse Raglan Sleeves 03-24-04

I’ve already switched to the smaller needles for the end of the sleeve.

I have a massage scheduled for this evening, so I’m not sure how much knitting I’ll be able to get done. There’s still about 3 hours of knitting to complete this sweater when I combine the last part of the sleeve and the collar edging (still undecided how I’ll do that).

I’d still like to be able to wear the sweater tomorrow before I leave Albany (it’s been very cold here).

Next Project

No progress made on the baby blanket.

However, a few of the co-workers just sent the first baby gift of a beautiful quilted blanket yesterday. I figure a second blanket could never hurt, especially since they will be totally different.

Readers’ Comments/Questions

Kathleen says “Did I miss something? I thought the Morehouse Raglan was for Thaddeus.”

No, Kathleen, you didn’t miss anything. The raglan is still being made for Thaddeus. He has mentioned a few times that he doesn’t like anything form-fitting, and he thinks the Morehouse Raglan will look awful on him. Hopefully he’ll be wrong, but even if he’s right (which he almost always is), I’ll claim the sweater as my own.

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