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Knitting Doubts

I’m wavering on my baby blanket choice, and in my hesitation, I’ve done NO knitting at all.

Baby Blanket

I’m starting to agree more and more with Marilyn’s assessment of this Lion Brand design.

I don’t know if I’m liking the colors and to add to my doubts, Thaddeus has started calling it “Rosemary’s Baby Blanket”.

I took it off the needles and put it onto waste yarn, so I could see how it will block out, and I like it a little better.

Amy Baby Blanket 04-13-04

I put the phone in the picture so you could get a sense about the size right now.

I do have to finish this project, even with my doubts, and even though I have to put all of those stitches back on the circular needles. I just don’t know if it will end up being given away as a gift yet.

Warshcloths are NOT an Option

There have been a number of comments suggesting I do something different for the charity project, like scarves.

This time I disagree with Marilyn and some of the others (see…my head’s not THAT far up Marilyn’s ass…for those of you who were around for the Newcomer Rules brouhaha).

Again, here’s my thinking on the issue.

When I looked at some of the items that were being auctioned off, I don’t think scarves would be appropriate. They have major art pieces in their auction, and while the silent auction might be a more appropriate venue, I was hoping to do something bigger.

I’m not able to get anything together quickly enough to put an item in this year, so I have plenty of time to organize a group event, if blog readers are open to it.

And even if there is just limited interest on the group project, we could at least donate one major sweater to the event.

Since I still have to deal with issues of which yarn to use, and possibly permission to use a Unicorn/Carol Lapin design, I’ll postpone this topic for a little while.

New Fiber-Related Interest

With the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival coming up at the beginning of next month, I thought I might take the opportunity to look at and test-drive some spinning wheels.

At one point, I will take up spinning.

To get a little bit more information about spinning, I asked the GLBT Knit List (who have some amazingly talented spinners) what would be good beginner spinning books (the Amazon gift certificate from Thuy was burning a hole in my cyber-pocket).

I ended up ordering the only three spinning books available through Amazon at the moment:

Spinning Book - Spin It Spinning Book - Hands On Spinning,jpgSpinning Book - A Handspinning Treasury

Hands On Spinning and A Handspinning Treasury by Lee Raven, and Spin It which is a compilation of articles from Spin-Off Magazine.

In addition, a VERY generous lister sent me an extra copy of Anne Field’s The Ashford Book of Spinning.

Spinning Book - Ashford Book of Spinning

I should have enough reading material on the topic to keep me busy for a while.

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